Q: Why Destin, Florida?

A: Why not!? It is one of the most beautiful places in the world! There is more to it then that though! I grew up in Gulf Breeze, Florida which is about an hour West of Destin. It is known more commonly as a part of Pensacola, Fl. Growing up, special occasions always took place in Destin. Shopping for Prom- Destin. Birthday Dinner- Destin. Bonding Day- Destin. Traveling to Destin was always a special trip.

I’ve worked in the jewelry industry since I was 16. Pensacola has a long history and a ton of reputable jewelers. Downtown Pensacola is the home of beautiful jewelry stores that have been there for nearly 100 years. I thought going a little East would be the perfect spot to set myself a part and bring a private jeweler to the Destin, Fort Walton Beach, 30a area.

Since opening my shop I have realized that Destin, Fl is a dream destination for so many people. I have met many like-minded entrepreneurs who made their dreams a reality here in Destin as well. It is wonderful to be a part of a community with people who are thrilled to be were they are in their life both professionally and by locale.

We just had our official ribbon cutting as we joined the Destin Chamber of Commerce (picture inserted).

I have only been open less than 6 months but I already have a ton of Destin pride! I look forward to the next 30+ years as a small business in Destin, Fl.