Q: What exactly is a "private jeweler" ? Do I need one?

A: A private jeweler is your trusted authority on all information pertaining to the jewelry industry.

Jewelry is often one of the most expensive, most personal and most sentimental purchases made. It is a purchase that shouldn't be made by a simple click of a mouse. When you visit your private jeweler, you know exactly who you are going to see. You are not approached by unfamiliar sales people but by your jeweler who is invested in meeting your specific needs. When you make a doctors appointment you make an appointment with a specific doctor, why should a jeweler be any different? Your private jeweler is available for personal consultation and often even house calls.

Your private jeweler strives to know your preferences.
Aside from guiding you though the purchasing process, they are also available to appraise family heirlooms. They help sort though an estate during the difficult loss of a loved one. They repair items and even resell items if needed.

Most of all your private jeweler strives for a lasting relationship with you and your family. They strive to ease any uncertainty and help you to find special jewelry items that you will treasure forever. They are there for marriage proposals, birth of children, milestone birthdays and anniversaries.

They celebrate life with you!

Could you use a private jeweler? I'd love to meet you!
-Ashleigh Woolly